Actions Speak Louder than Words

Day 203 Today’s Reading: Titus 3 Research experts tell us we communicate only 7 percent with our words, 38 percent with our tone of voice, and 58 percent with our actions. This is why Paul emphasizes the word deeds to the young pastor Titus. In today’s chapter we are getting from the apostle Paul the

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Advertising God at Work

Day 202 Today’s Reading: Titus 2 Do you have the happiest or the unhappiest job? Recently Bloomberg Work Wise put out a list of the happiest jobs in America, based on fulfillment, coworkers, supervisors, and balance of home and life. Here are the top five: firefighters topped the list, followed by machine operators, pediatricians, communication

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Men Lie, but God Cannot

Day 201 Today’s Reading: Titus 1 A deacon sent in his apologies for the Sunday morning service, claiming that he was ill with the flu. One of the church members, however, said he had seen the deacon on his way to a baseball game. After the service, the minister visited the deacon. “Brother,” he said.

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