The Best Way to Study End Times

Day 41 Today’s Reading: Mark 13 It seems that in Jesus’ ministry, when something significant was going to happen, He took with Him the same three guys: Peter, James, and John. It is as if their names roll off your tongue. Those names just sound right together. Those three men saw and heard things the

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Jesus Gets a Test

Day 38 Today’s Reading: Mark 10 Today’s reading is a tough one. Jesus gets a test . . . a test about marriage and divorce. Before we dive into this chapter, listen to these poignant words from Augustine, which apply to what we’re studying today: “If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and

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Seized Statements

Day 37 Today’s Reading: Mark 9 If there was anything you ever wanted to tell people, it would be what happened to three disciples on a mountain in Mark 9:2-7. The conversation might go like this . . . “Guess who I saw today? Moses. Oh yeah, and Elijah. And guess whose voice I heard?

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