How to Face Tragic Death

Day 57 Today’s Reading: Luke 13 There are more than 7 billion people on earth. Nearly sixty million of them will die this year. That is approximately 153,000 people dying every day, 6,400 people dying every hour, 107 people dying every minute, two people dying every second. Not a great thought to start your day.

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My, My, My, My

Day 56 Today’s Reading: Luke 12 A. W. Tozer, the famous Christian writer, said that there are seven ways to really know ourselves and know what our character is like. He called them rules for self discovery. They are: 1. What we want most 2. What we think about most 3. What we laugh at

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Helping People I Hate

Day 54 Today’s Reading: Luke 10 A politician finds their opponent on the side of the road with their car broken down, do they stop and help her? If a die-hard Yankees fan sees a Boston Red Sox fan at a check-out at a local store and he is short money, does the Yankees fan

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