Shape Your Worries into Prayers

Day 178 Today’s Reading: Philippians 4 Did you know Amazon keeps track of your highlights? When Kindle readers mark sentences, the online retailer notes it so that everyone can see a faint dotted line on their e-reader that tells them someone underlined the sentence or passage. Readers can also see how many other people underlined

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Declaring Bankruptcy

Day 177 Today’s Reading: Philippians 3 We mentioned this powerful Kierkegaard quote in an earlier day’s reading, but it bears repeating, because it fits the apostle Paul. Kierkegaard said, “It is so much easier to become a Christian when you aren’t one than to become one when you assume you already are.” This statement seems

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Heroes and Celebrities

Day 176 Today’s Reading: Philippians 2 We live in a time when it is more popular to be a celebrity than a hero. Numbers of followers or views have replaced the one who risks their life for others. Media has given us celebrities, where danger and risk give us heroes. The gap is much wider

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