Month: April

Lift Up Your Eyes in Prayer

Day 85 Today’s Reading: John 17 John 17 is holy ground. If I were God’s editor, I never would have allowed this chapter in the Bible. It’s sacred, it’s other-world, it’s uncomfortable . . . it’s the prayer closet of Jesus. This is a very solemn chapter, what we call the high priestly prayer of

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The Warning Sign or the Hospital

Day 84 Today’s Reading: John 16 In The Grace Awakening, author and pastor Charles Swindoll used an imaginative illustration for how best we can live: imagine driving on a treacherous mountain road with a cliff on both sides. As you approach a hairpin turn, you must decide which is better: a state-of-the-art hospital with the

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Will You Accept the Challenge?

Day 83 Today’s Reading: John 15 Today’s reading is a challenge. It’s a second step that Jesus gives to those who choose to follow Him. During Jesus’ life, He constantly said to those who were ready to start a journey with God to “follow Me.” And for those who accepted the challenge, he gave them

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