Month: October

Forward and Upward is Our Only Direction

Day 210 Today’s Reading: Hebrews 6 An old Presbyterian preacher named Clarence Macartney made a keen observation about airplanes and the Christian life: “Between an airplane and every other form of locomotion and transportation there is one great contrast. The horse and wagon, the automobile, the bicycle, the locomotive, the speedboat, and the great battleship—all

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A Spoon Says a Lot

Day 207 Today’s Reading: Hebrews 3 Thomas Edison had very little formal education. In fact, he was only in school a few months before his mother pulled him out and began teaching him herself. She encouraged him in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and allowed him to pursue other interests that appealed to him. Always a

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Running to the Cry

Day 206 Today’s Reading: Hebrews 2 My wife, Cindy, and I were sitting with our children’s pastor some years ago. As we were talking in our living room, our four children were playing in the basement. All our kids were under the age of eight, so there was a lot going on. At that time

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