The 260 Journey is not a yearly devotional. It is a study tool for a pastor, a motivational tool for a devoted Christ-follower, and a starting point for a new Christian. It transcends New Year’s resolutions and goes beyond a Bible commentary on a shelf. The 260 is a Bible companion that can be started in January or June or any other time. It is a strategy and a resource for believers at any phase in their Christian walk.

A senior church leader and personal friend once told me that a vision without a strategy is fantasy. Here is your strategy for not just reading the New Testament in a year but being challenged by each chapter of the New Testament.

Why call it the 260?

The New Testament contains 260 chapters, and there are 261 weekdays in every year. The strategy is one chapter a day Monday through Friday to finish the entire New Testament in a year.  

The 260 will take a verse and sometimes a number of verses each day from that day’s New Testament chapter and explain, inspire, and bring it to life. Personal stories, historical illustrations, quotes, and cross-references help make each chapter more easily understandable and applicable. Pastors will find a nugget to help them clarify a Bible verse for their sermon and new Christians will have the light go on in their comprehension of the Bible.

Though the 260 challenges you to read a New Testament chapter Monday through Friday, it isn’t stuck in that method. You can use it for a small-group book study or for simply a personal devotional time. Though it isn’t an exegetical commentary, it doesn’t shy away from it when necessary.

Augustine said this about the Bible: “The Bible is shallow enough for a child not to drown, yet deep enough for an elephant to swim.” The 260 reflects that. You will be able to wade in sections and swim in others. It’s a reservoir for everyone.

Get ready for a life-changing journey called the 260.