You Don’t Need Bubbles Anymore

Day 73 Today’s Reading: John 5 Today we land on John 5, an up-close view to a phenomenon of miracle healing waters called the waters of Bethesda. When the waters moved, the first in the pool got healed. Here’s the first part of the story: After these things there was a feast of the Jews,

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Two Truths for Freedom

Day 72 Today’s Reading: John 4 The average American is exposed to between four thousand and ten thousand commercial messages every day. But it’s truth that is a rarity. We have opinions but not truth. One of my friends put it this way: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not everyone is entitled

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Don’t Make It Harder Than It Is

Day 71 Today’s Reading: John 3 There are a few chapters in our 260 Journey where you just pause, exhale, and know you are seeing beauty and majesty. John 3 is one of those chapters. Plato said, “Whoever tells the stories shapes society.” Do we have a story to tell or what? We have the

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