One of Three

Day 100 Today’s Reading: Acts 11 In today’s reading we see a word that we use all the time but it’s used for the first time in the entire Bible. In fact, the word is used only three times in the entire New Testament. It is the word Christian. That sounds impossible, but it’s true.

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How an Italian Met a Jew

Day 99 Today’s Reading: Acts 10 I’m excited about today’s chapter. Acts 10 is one of my favorite chapters in the New Testament. It gives the thirty-thousand-foot view of why we pray. And it does this by telling a story of two separate guys, an Italian and a Jew, and how their worlds intersected through

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Be Careful of Playing With Fire

Day 97 Today’s Reading: Acts 8 All of us, as children, heard the warning about playing with fire. The combination of youth and fire can be destructive. This is true both naturally and spiritually. In today’s reading, we learn about a great revival that came to a city called Samaria. The city faced two kinds

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