Month: April

The First 10:00 A.M. Service

Day 69 Today’s Reading: John 1 I am excited that today on our 260 Journey we begin a journey through the Gospel of John. This is the most unique gospel because it doesn’t start out like the other three gospels. It takes us to the beginning . . . the real beginning. Listen to its

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A Fire Seven Miles Outside of Jerusalem

Day 68 Today’s Reading: Luke 24 It’s resurrection morning for Jesus. All of the Gospels highlight Jesus’ post-resurrection conversations with His disciples and followers, but only Luke highlights a conversation that happened seven miles outside of Jerusalem. To put it another way, a fire started seven miles outside of Jerusalem. No building burst into flames.

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Just Breathe

Day 67 Today’s Reading: Luke 23 Today we come to the last solemn minutes of Jesus’ life on the cross. It is His final comment from the cross that catches my attention. It is a prayer but goes further than up. That prayer goes wide. Let’s read Jesus’ final words before He breathed His last

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